Ghost Stories: Part 2 What does the Holy Spirit Do?

Often as Christians, we forgot that the Holy Spirit is moving and active in our world. Those movements of the Holy Spirit keep us tied to God and his plan for our lives. We cannot understand what the Holy Spirit does unless we are listening to his actions.

I’m glad to be here today and just in case you missed Pastor John speaking earlier, I am the Lead Pastor of One Church in Cadiz. I’m excited to be partnering with Pastor Vince Farrell this month as we look deeper together into who the Holy Spirit in our sermon series Ghost Stories. Today we are going to look at what the Holy Spirit does in our lives.

What the Holy Spirit does in our lives

As we study what the Holy Spirit does today, we follow the Ministry of Jesus Christ through the pages of the Gospels. We understand that Jesus comes to earth and He is God in the flesh. He brought to the earth, a new covenant. The new covenant of grace is God’s promise to you and to me. It’s the promise to every individual on earth. The new covenant of grace was predicted throughout the pages of the Old Testament. Throughout scripture, there are over 400 prophecies that were fulfilled by Jesus.

Before Jesus returned to the right hand of the father, he told us that the Holy Spirit would come and empower to perform amazing actions for the Kingdom of God. With the Holy Spirit, He can use us to do greater things then we could ever imagine possible.

Jon Groves

Jon Groves

Senior Pastor - One Church

Pastor Jon Groves is the Lead Pastor of One Church in Cadiz, KY. His heartbeat is on seeing a church united and thriving together in their local community.