Is it “Holy Ghost” or is it “Holy Spirit”?

We are kicking off a brand-new series with partnered with One church in Cadiz. Pastor John Groves and I are teaming together as the body of Christ. Journey Church Hopkinsville strives to be The Church in Multiple locations. One way we as a church are doing this is to partner with churches like One Church to grow the Kingdom of God in the Hopkinsville community together. Journey Church doesn’t want to be a church in Hopkinsville that competes with other Churches. Every step we take, we want to do in unity and partnership with the other churches in our community.

Through the month of October, we are reviewing who the Holy Spirit is in our sermon series, Ghost Stories. This week, we ask the question is it “Ghost” or is it “Spirit”. Some Christian Traditions talk deeply about the “Holy Ghost” while others look toward it as more tranquil “Holy Spirit”. Sadly this is the wrong question to ask. Then what question should we be asking?

Looking at the Spirit over the years, the Church has done a lot of damage to who the Spirit is. We have taken a part of the Holy Trinity and turned it into something many people today consider scary or irrelevant to Christians today. Over the next month, we are going to look at correcting our tunnel vision of who the Holy Spirit truly is.

The Holy Spirit isn’t an it

First, the Holy Spirit isn’t an “it.” Jesus and other authors from the Bible tell us that the Holy Spirit is not something, He is someone. The Holy Spirit is God. He is part of the Holy Trinity – God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

In scripture, we are told that The Holy Spirit has all knowledge (1 Corinthians 2:10). The Holy Spirit teaches us a greater understanding of God. Through the Him, we are able to continue deeper in our Faith. We cannot grow in our understanding of who God is without the Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is with us

We as Christians, have to remember that the Spirit is the only part of the Godhead that is on earth at this moment. Jesus understood that while he was walking the earth, he in the flesh could only do so much. Jesus spoke in John 14, that the Father (God), will give you another Helper. That helper will abide with us forever. That helper is the Spirit of God. Even today, the Spirit is moving in our world today. Sadly in America, there is not a “giving” problem when the Spirit is involved. The problem is as Children of God, we have a receiving problem. We don’t have to ask for the Spirit to show up, but should focus our prayer on us being receptive of what the Spirit is doing in us and around us.

Don’t be afraid of the Spirit

In todays American church, we have created a level of fear when it involves the Spirit of God. We need to fully understand that the Holy Spirit will not make us do anything that we do want to do. The Holy Spirit does not cause confusion. the presence of the Spirit will never be scary or disturbing. In reality, we will never really know God unless we embrace the Spirit completely.

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