True Worship: Near to God – Part 4

As we have studied our series titled Near to God we have walked on a journey with God. Two weeks ago we talked about Intimacy with God. Last week we talked about Fearing God. Today, we are going to discuss the subject of True Worship. You may ask the question why we are talking about true worship? To be Near to God, then we need to have a proper understanding of true worship.

Fulfill his will because that’s what being near to God is when you and I pray and say God, I want to hear your heart, God. I want to be near you. I know I’m on the spiritual journey, and I’m not quite where I should be but I want to be closer to you than what your prayer is that you have a desire to obey him and to fulfill his will now I gave us several people in the Old Testament that I want to parallel the simple point about obedience. It says about Enoch that Enoch walked with God and was no more he had found to be righteous in obedience another person in the Old Testament that you may know about is a man by the name of Noah. We see in Genesis chapter.

True Worship of a Righteous Man

Genesis 6:9 tells us that he walked in close Fellowship in obedience to God another one King David Acts Chapter 13, Verse. 22 says I have found David the son of Jesse a man after my own heart who will do my will this is God speaking of David that I have found him to be a guy after my own heart. Well, what’s God’s heart that we would do his will last week. I gave us a working definition of what the fear of the Lord is. I explained to us that the fear of the Lord is when we respect and honor God so much that we love what he loves.

And we hate what he hates II think you would agree with me that a lot of Christians today. We hate things that God doesn’t talk about. When I look at the Christian witness on Facebook, we sure are spouting our mouth off about a lot of things that God doesn’t care about. There are things that we need to stand up for righteousness sake but a lot of this piddly stuff. We just need to just keep our mouths closed. Amen. Good. Amen. All right. I want to give us I want to kind of simplify this to help us this morning because the fear of the Lord is not just only when we obey God

But when we desire to do God’s will as if it was our own do you see that shift? Did you see the message from Pastor Jared earlier this week? He had no idea of the message subject. He didn’t know I was going to talk about true worship.  I was amazed to hear Pastor Jared’s heart online on what true worship is. He went before me this week to set the standard of what true worship is. In the video he stated that our goal is to get out of the way because it’s not about us, It’s about God.  the reason why I was amazed to hear this is because this morning as we talk about being true worshipers, let me first identify what a religious worshiper looks like now listen,

True Worship isn’t a religion or religious

We often hear the term religion and religious – being categorized only in church. I’ll hear things like well, you know, I don’t go to church because you know, I don’t be religious. It’s all about a relationship with God. Well, that’s that’s partly true. It is about a relationship with God but God also desires us to do fellowship with one another that’s in the Bible to amen. And so so we have this ideology kind of moving throughout the Christian circuit if you will books like I’m not a fan which is a great book not doubting that but there’s just this kind of undercurrent culture to move away from religion that religion is a negative thing and in its own entity. It most certainly is but I want us to understand that religion.

His is not just categorized only by the church because religion is only brought into a church Culture by the individual think about that. See it’s it’s religious people that make a church setting religious. So let me Define this real quick a religious person is one who uses God’s word to execute their own will a religious person is one who uses God’s word to execute their own personal desires.

True worship - John 4:23

I asked you to turn to John 4: 23, let’s look at this together, Jesus speaking and now is when the true worshippers say that with me true worshipers will worship the father in spirit. And in truth for the father is seeking such to worship him. Now, I would say we get a little tunnel vision when it comes to the concept of true worship because I see this in church culture all across America. I’ve grown up in churches and we typically think of worship as the slow songs, right? We do it an upbeat song we call that praise and the slow songs are called and we get we get kind of in our own Groove when it comes to worship because how many of you know that in the church many.

Churches have broken up over the style of worship. We tend to get tunnel vision, and we only think of worship as coming to church on a Sunday morning. And if everything sounds great and everything looks good, then we raise our hands, and we sing the song loud, and the truth of the matter is worship happens long before Sunday morning.

God’s view on True Worship

If you don’t believe me think about this. You wake up in the morning and your wife asks you to start the coffee pot. You quickly respond to your wife “I’m running late.” Later your wife calls you at work and asks you to pick up a few things at the store. Your response to her is simple, you’re too busy. When you arrive home and she asks if you would you mind helping tuck the kids in. Your response to her is that you are too tired.

Later that night you lay down with your wife in bed. You look at her and say “Hey girl, how are you doing?” Her response is not going to be anything near what you are wanting to happen at that moment. God is saying the same thing to you. He wants to talk to his bride every day of the week, not just Sundays. God is talking to us in similar ways and sadly we use similar excuses with Him.

God: I want you to give that homeless man on the corner some money.

You: God, he’s only going to use it for booze.

God: how do you know?

You: Just cause, God. You know?

True Worship isn’t singing songs on Sunday morning, true worship is a life of obedience.

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